Your Soul Essence Painting

Channeled by Johnny Garcia

Your Channeled Soul Essence Painting

Imagine if someone could take a photo of your soul’s essence. Wouldn’t you be curious to know what it looks like? Soul Essence Paintings are like a snapshot of your soul but in the form of a painting, created with color, energy and the life experiences that create your soul. Your Soul Essence Painting inspires you to recognize the true, divine essence of you through a vibrational energy painting that is constantly changing, moving, reflecting where you are in this now moment.

Your painting holds many messages for you that are revealed in that perfect moment. So, over time, you will see colors and shapes appear that you had not seen before.

How do I place my order?

Your Soul Essence Painting is painted on watercolor paper, using acrylic paint and finished off with a coat of varnish to protect the paint.

I normally work in one standard size: 20 in x 28 in (50 cm x 70 cm) – on watercolor paper. You can also customize the size – please ask about cost.

Price: $350 USD, plus shipping – International orders welcome! Shipping rates will vary.

To order, fill out the form to the right. Once I receive it, I will contact you and ask some details about the painting and about the person for whom the painting is being done. I will send a payment request from PayPal and once paid, I begin the creation of you. Within a week’s time, your Soul Essence Painting will be shipped to you.

Please read the information (Q&A) below before ordering.

Is the Soul Essence Painting done in person?

When a Soul Essence Painting is created, you need not be present. Just saying “Yes!” is enough. This allows me and the Divine Guides to connect to your soul and bring through your Soul Essence and infuse it into the painting. All I would need is the name, birthday, and a photo of the person for whom the Soul Essence Painting is being created.

Why is it painted abstractly? Do you paint faces or bodies?

Of course I could. However, the abstract-ness of the Soul Essence Paintings help people to “tune” in to the energy of their painting because they are removing the association with any figurative object in the picture. All colors in the paintings have different vibrations and meanings; therefore, feeling that energy is more powerful than logically thinking about what it means. Your feelings, your knowingness, take you to more profound answers.

This question reminds me of when I started doing the series of Soul Portraits of Archangels. I asked the Divine Ones, who I channel, “Hey guys, why not also bring their bodies, faces and wings” They said they preferred the abstract version because by putting aside the limited aspects created by the angelic physical body, people have a much deeper and profound interaction with the paintings because they step into the unlimited realm of feeling, creating their own personal reality of their connection and relation to each of the Archangels.

Will I like my Soul Essence Painting?

The answer to this is a life lesson in itself so when you first look at your Soul Essence Painting, have that experience without expectations to see how you respond. Experiencing this without expectations allows you to react from the heart, the placing of knowing. So, perhaps the painting may not combine with your furniture, but it will combine with you. The joy of seeing an aspect of your soul is an incredible experience to have.

What do you recommend I do with my painting?

Whatever you choose is perfect. Here are some suggestions:

  • Frame it and hang in your home or work space.
  • Some people like to do meditations while contemplating their portrait. Asking the question, “which is my next step?”, reveals the
  • When you feel “less than perfect”, work with your Soul Essence Painting to re-inspire yourself and see the multi-layer (multi-dimensional) perfection that is truly you. Many times just by reconnecting with your Soul Essence Painting brings peace because you’re interacting with this element (essence) of you that is purely peace, love and light. As well, you could experience inner messages and guidance that help you take the next step forward.
  • Use it as your profile picture Facebook. Why not? It’s you, isn’t it? It’s still your true essence, minus the physical body.
  • Keep it in the closet until the day you have the need to interact with it again.
  • Anything else that your portrait will inspire you to do, just do it …

To order, fill out this form. I will get in contact with you and send an invoice. Thank you!

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