Thank you to all the participants who made this ReTreat a huge success! looking forward to more absolutely incredible and expansive ReTreats in 2018!

5 Day Soul Journey Bali Retreat – All Inclusive
Check-in: 25th May, 2017 – Check-out: 31st May, 2017

What could you make happen with a stronger connection to yourself?

How amazing could your life be when you are following your life purpose?

How would you feel without all the emotional pain you carry now?

Using their specific and unique skills, gifts and tools they have learnt through their many years as teachers and mentors the facilitators will lead you on a journey of soul, body, heart and mind connection through:

  • Sound therapy and meditation
  • Art therapy and artistic creation
  • Divine mothers channeled energies
  • Messages and sound
  • Guided meditations
  • Connection with nature
  • Loving awareness and multidimensional pattern release.

Throughout this they will be opening you up to connecting to yourself, being present, trusting in yourself and the divine, releasing expectations, being the flow, tuning into your soul purpose, connecting to your guides, opening to your inner creator and your unlimited self.

The Bali eco-stay is located in a stunning Ubud Bali it is a sustainable paradise with natural swimming holes organically grown food open bungalows, that supports the local community.

This sacred and inspirational workshop open to both men and women, embraces practical and relevant-to-everyday-living insights and processes. Deeply healing. Transformational. Experiential. Creative. Alive. Dynamic. Joyful and Fun.

The Soul Journey retreat offers a deep, accelerated experience of spirit, self-awareness and transformation. You will discover how Source supports our everyday life.

You will return home not only with more awareness about your life purpose but you will also be given practical tools to implement and live your purpose more consciously.

You will connect with your peace, joy, love, freedom abundance.

The Venue – Bali Eco Stay 

Experience inspirational sustainable tourism on the southern slopes of the Bali mountains.  Immerse yourself in a tropical food forest; enjoy freshly farmed and prepared Balinese cuisine; engage in cultural and meditative activities, whilst being  surrounded by stunning organic rice fields, mountain fed streams, cascading waterfalls and  views over treetops to the ocean.

Our beautiful venue is a small boutique mountain resort with uniquely designed Balinese bungalows and pondoks, each with a distinctively different character. If you are looking for slick and glossy 5 star this isn’t for you. Being surrounded by rain forest and rice fields there may be insects, lizards and bats. You’ll definitely hear frogs. As the villas are open with only bamboo blinds and mozzie nets, some people can feel exposed. BUT most enjoy their stay BECAUSE of the natural setting, it is a peaceful atmosphere and you will feel yourself relax into your true nature simply as a result of being in this beautiful natural environment. This is an important part of the inner adventure process, our connection to nature.

It has been credited with Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence four years in a row. You are going to love this place!

The Value – Retreat Price

Retreat Includes:
5 day workshop
 Unique eco accommodation for 6 nights
 All meals (vegetarian/non vegetarian) made with local organic produce
 Airport transfers
 Gift bag valued at $315 (see below)
 Art materials

$1900 AU per person SHARED ACCOMMODATION ($1447 USD)
***Does not include your airfare. 
Note: US dollars price is a guide only and is subject to rate movement

Date: May 26th to May 30th (Inclusive)

We encourage you to take advantage of our early bird discounts.

Also available:

Massages available from only $20/hour ($15 US)
Balinese decoration and sacred offering presentation at temple $20 ($15 US)

Your Facilitators

Cushla Lovejoy

Cushla Lovejoy

Originally from New Zealand Cushla Lovejoy is a Channel of the Divine Mothers, a New Thought facilitator, spiritual counselor, visionary, life coach, published author and sound healer who has over 30 years teaching and working experience globally.

She is a bit of nomad traveling all over the world, of no fixed abode and runs workshops, works individually with clients and speaks publicly in USA, South America, UK, Europe, Australia and her homeland. Amazingly she managed to fit in her formal Education in Behavioral Science and related therapies, though according to her, her most inspiring educational base comes from many years of self-discovery and learning from teachers, through courses and experiences throughout her life, and have incredible fun doing it.

She says one of her major inspirations moving her forward, being Aunty Kiwa Hutchen, one of the most inspiring, amazing, strong, women she has ever known who’s love of life and laugh fills her heart.

Throughout this workshop you will have the opportunity to experience simple yet powerful life changing emotional, mental, spiritual shifts through the multidimensional pattern release (Copr.) which she developed and the incredible sounds and energies of the Divine Mothers.

Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia


Johnny is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco, who has dedicated these last 10 years to working as a healer and helping people understand and heal their soul’s journey through private 1-on-1 sessions, self-discovery workshops, and meditation groups. He also has a deep understanding of color therapy which he integrates into his work. One of his greatest joys that has come out of his work was spending 6 years in Mexico working with hundreds of people find inner healing, guidance and peace.

As an artist, Johnny creates colorful, abstract paintings full of love and healing energies, which are channeled from his Divine Guides. One of his recent series of 26 paintings is called, “Soul’s Journey”, which interprets the journey of the soul, from its birth from Source to its reintegration with Source.

Johnny also paints Energetic Soul Portraits, which are snapshots of a person’s soul. These channeled creations interpret the purest form of that person’s soul, inspiring them to work with their paintings to see and feel more of their authentic self. People have shared stories that after meditating with their paintings, they have received insights as to which steps to take next.

Johnny returned from Mexico in 2015 and currently resides in Washington State where he lives life fully by working as a healer, facilitating workshops, painting, directing film projects, graphic design, podcasting, enjoying nature, and laughing.



Be immersed in the transforming and healing sounds of Kyela. Karl &  Miranda from Kyela will play daily sound meditations to support your journey,  awaken your senses, calm your mind and feed your spirit.  They play a combination of seven metal Tibetan singing bowls, symphonic and wind gongs, Solfeggio and Fibonacci tubular bells and crystal singing bowls.

To reserve your space or for further information, please use the form below to contact us. Thank you.

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