Inspirational Messages and Quotes

With Photographs and Artwork by Johnny Garcia

In each abstract painting created by Johnny and the Divine realm, unconditional love and infinite light are the core energies that help generate the unlimited interpretations that each painting holds. In this section, inspirational, channeled messages convey one aspect, a particular vibration, of each painting. The combination of reading the message while viewing the painting creates an additional level of healing that can help you delve deeper into a truer meaning which applies directly to you.

Lifted Through Veils of Us

What happens when a veil is lifted in front of you? Many times you find another veil waiting to be lifted as well. And as you continue to lift veils, you realize that they may get thinner but they don't expose enough. They don't allow enough information through to...

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Fully Self-Realized

To understand self-realization is to begin with the knowing that you are already self-realized and that you don't need to search any further. To live self-realized is to live your fullest potential at this very moment. Your fullest potential is exactly as you are...

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Willingness to Be You

If you are willing to know a newer aspect of yourself, or have a willingness to let go of a part of your past self that no longer serves you, ask for assistance from the Archangels that work with bringing light to self-discovery. Simply by being willing is the way you...

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Planets Aligned W/Love

Planets are living beings. Whether it is the planet Earth or a planet in the Pleiades. They vibrate with unconditional love. This means that our universe has infinite planets assisting us in our progression to understand how love exists within us, our cities, our...

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Connection to Source

Connection to Source is the easiest thing to accomplish. Put your hand to your heart, feel that rhythmic beat, and know that you are alive simply because you are connected to your life Source.

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Ancient In Its Codes

Your life span is just a tiny fraction of time, but the information that your body's DNA carries is ancient, going back to the beginning of this galaxy's creation. This is why all living beings have the ability to recreate Love because it is the core energy of all...

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