Intuitive Soul Readings Offered by Johnny Garcia

PLUS: Private, In-Person Sessions; Meditations; Workshops

Long Distant/Remote Soul Guidance Reading and Healing Session through Phone or Skype

1 hour Skype/phone Soul Guidance Session with personalized guided meditation. Skype session audio can be recorded for your reference and convenience. $95

45 minute Skype/phone Soul Guidance Session ONLY. Skype session audio can be recorded for your reference and convenience. $75

Once you call in to your appointment with Johnny through Skype or phone, your divine session begins. During this time, you can discuss matters of the heart, whether they be emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Johnny will connect to your soul to bring through the guidance that is being suggested for you in this now moment.

As well, you will experience an energetic healing transmission during the session. Many people feel the energy right away and notice it lovingly working on there body. Everybody will feel something different and sometimes they may not “feel” anything, but that is okay because the divine source energy is still working on some aspect of you – whether it be your energy bodies or by unblocking stuck life events to assist in opening up those doors and channels that you’ve been wanting to experience.

If you choose the option of having a personalized guided meditation, the last 15 minutes of the session will be dedicated to this. The meditation is based on what you worked on during your reading. You can sit comfortably in the chair with your eyes closed and receive. Just absorb it all in. When the meditation is over, you’ll have a few minutes to become present again.

Many times people ask how many sessions they need. The answer is normally, “that depends on you.” For some, one session will suffice, but for others, they really enjoy the personal growth and expansion they experience as the sessions progress. The more you work, the deeper you can go. Johnny’s way of working is to go to the root of the matter. Although most difficulties people are having are from past experiences that have happened in this life, it’s really about seeing how to change that in the now moment.

Once you pay for your session using the Paypal button below, Johnny will contact you through email to set up the time for you appointment. Your appointment will be in USA, West Coast (PST) time. If you are in a different part of the country or world, please let Johnny know so that he can find the ideal time to schedule the session. If you have any questions, please click here to contact him.

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At this moment, the services listed below are not being offered. Please check back to see when Johnny will make these available again. Thank you!

Private Intuitive Soul Guidance Sessions – In-Person
Duration: 1 hour

During your in-person session, you’ll have the opportunity to receive both soul guidance and an energetic healing. The session begins with you seated, as both you and Johnny explore your present life circumstances that you’d like to work on. During these first 35 minutes, guidance will come through to help you understand what’s at the root of your lesson. The channeled guidance comes from your soul and Johnny and his guides interpret it for your highest of good, always. As well, you will be given information on how you can specifically change these life processes/lessons. Many times, “light homework” is given to assist you in changing these life patterns that your asking to transform. This can be quite empowering because you are being asked to participate in your own healing.

Following the guided talk, you will either lay down on a massage table or remain seated to receive the 15 minute energetic healing. Johnny will be guided to use his hands directly on or above different areas of your body. Most of the time, he will place his hands on your head, shoulders, arms, hands, knees and/or feet. Once he is through with the energetic healing, you will have time to come back fully into the present moment. Johnny will share as well what he intuitively felt during the healing.

*Note: Although the last 15 minutes are dedicated to the hands-on healing, divine healing energy will be working with you throughout the entire session. And the healing doesn’t end once the session is over. Many times, the process continues for a couple of days, or more. Of course, during your session, Johnny will give you more information about this.

For each person, it will be a different experience. As well, each session will be unique to the the time before. What Johnny recommends is that you show up to the session without expectations. This will make it easier for you to just let things flow. Many times people come in to work on a specific area of their life when they realize in the process that something else comes up that should be considered first. Just allow it flow.

Cost: $125 

Group Healing Sessions – In-Person
Duration: 1 hour

Arrive early, find a chair to sit in and begin to relax. Once the sessions begins, Johnny guides the group for a few moments explaining the process of the session. As you sit and relax with your eyes closed – meditating, if you like – Johnny will go to each individual and use his hands to pass energy to their body. He will spend about 3-5 minutes with each person. When he has finished working with the entire group, Johnny will guide everyone to close out the session.

Dress in comfortable clothes. It is important to arrive on time. If you arrive after the session starts, you will have to wait until the next group healing session.

Limited Space: 10 people
Cost: $25 per person

Group Meditations
Duration: 50 minutes

These group meditations, guided by Johnny, have been created so that you have the opportunity to discover your own flow with your meditation practice, freely. This means that there is very little instruction on how to meditate. Keeping it simple – Just sit, close eyes, and breathe – all without expectations.

The Meditation – You sit in a chair (or floor for those who prefer) in a comfortable position, with eyes closed. Once everyone is ready, the meditation begins. For approximately the first 5-10 minutes, Johnny guides you by using a color, a word, or a thought. If you wish to incorporate this guidance into your meditation, perfect. If not, that’s perfect as well. During the rest of the time, you continue meditating while listening to quiet music. When the meditation is finished and everyone has opened their eyes, time permiting, participants are encouraged to share their experiences. This interchange has been beneficial for learning from one another.

This group is open to all levels of meditation experience.

Cost: By donation

Self-Discovery Workshops:
Please check back soon for my next workshop.

Past Workshop Themes Have Been:

  • Self-Healing – The Power is Within You
  • Embrace the Teacher Within
  • Working with Light – Bringing Healing to Others
  • Discovering Life in the Now Moment through Painting
  • Painting with Your Divine Self and Trusting the Process
  • Manifesting the True Essence of Your Authentic Self
  • Acknowledging the I Am
  • How to Use Your Knowingness of Your Past Lives to Enhance this Lifetime

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