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by Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia

Johnny Garcia

Channel, Healer, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator

Johnny is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco, who has dedicated these last 10 years to working as a healer and helping people understand and realize their soul’s journey through private 1-on-1 sessions, self-discovery workshops, and meditation groups. He also has a deep understanding of color therapy which he integrates into his work. One of his greatest joys that has come out of his work was recently spending 6 years in Mexico working with hundreds of people to find their inner healing, guidance and peace.

Johnny returned to Mexico in 2017 after spending a couple of years living in Washington State. He lives life fully by working as an healer and channel giving intuitive Soul Readings and Energetic Healings sessions in person and through Skype/phone. Johnny also facilitates workshops, meditation groups and paints. In his spare time, he directs film projects, hosts his podcast show – Johnny G and Friends, enjoys nature and travel.

As an artist who has painted since 2000, Johnny creates colorful, abstract paintings full of love and healing energies, which are channeled from his Divine Guides. One of his recent series of 26 paintings is called, “Soul’s Journey”, which interprets the journey of the soul, from its birth from Source to its reintegration with Source. Click here to see his artwork.

Johnny also paints Energetic Soul Essence Paintings, which are snapshots of a person’s soul. These channeled creations interpret the purest form of that person’s soul, inspiring them to work with their paintings to see and feel more of their authentic self. People have shared stories that after meditating with their paintings, they have received insights as to which steps to take next.

Workshops and Events

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Soul Guidance Sessions

Healing Soul Guidance Sessions with Johnny Garcia

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Energetic Art Gallery

Visit the gallery of energetically charged paintings, including the series “Soul Journey”.
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